Yosemite Elopement: Venues and Photographers!

Yosemite is one of the most beautiful places in America, situated in Northern California. People travel from across the world to come and visit this majestical place! What makes Yomesite a perfect spot for your elopement is the fact that there are hundreds of spots you can pick for your elopement ceremony. You’re bound to find a spot that catches your attention; perhaps something a little more secluded, or even something cliffside, overlooking the stunning mountain ranges.

Need to know: If you’re eloping in Yosemite you’re going to need to purchase a permit, but it’s only going to cost you $150.

Yosemite Elopement Photographer

Dawn Kelly Photography

When it comes to expert elopement photographers, we can vouch for Dawn Kelly. They’re a couple living in California who’ve set up this beautiful photography company that honors everything they cherish about Yosemite. The couple first told each other they loved one another here, isn’t that adorable?

They both pride themselves on making you feel as comfortable as possible. You wanna feel as effortless and natural as you can, this way you can capture the raw and authentic nature of your love! Knowing how much Yosemite means to them will surely put you at ease!

They’ve also been doing this for a while now and they’ve teamed up with the best vendors in Yosemite; you won’t even need to stress about who’s doing what. It’s always helpful having a local photographer who can hook you up with vendors because depending on your taste, you might find it difficult to find the right people!

Besides teaming up with the best vendors, they also know Yosemite all too well! They know when the best time for getting the perfect lighting is, where to find secluded, hidden nooks and the most grandiose views.

Their website: Dawn Kelly Photography

The Foxes

Looking for an adventure elopement? Well, that’s exactly what The Foxes are known for! They’re a husband and wife elopement photographer team based in Seattle, but willing to travel around to get those epic elopement shots!

Now, this isn’t something for any ordinary elopement. They started their photography journey capturing beautiful landscapes as they traveled around. They learned how to capture couples in a variety of different landscapes, so no matter your request, they’ll be sure to nail it!

Yosemite National Parks is one of their favorite places they’ve been to and you can easily trust them to enjoy shooting your elopement as much as you enjoy being there! They’ve become experts at finding beautiful hidden gems in Yosemite and they’re not afraid to travel to the tips of those humungous cliffs to get the perfect shot!

Their website: The Foxes 

The Hendry’s Photography

“An offbeat, non-traditional and downright creative Yosemite elopement photographer” is what they go by. Sometimes you don’t want a traditional elopement photographer, AND THAT’S OKAY! You didn’t come here to find photographers you can simply google, right? Elopements are unique as they are, so if you’re keen on taking some artistic and alternative shots, the Hendrys have you covered!

Their website: The Hendrys

Yosemite Elopement Spots

Glacier Point

This is a pretty popular spot when it comes to elopements. It overlooks the majestic valleys of Yosemite and it captures the famous Half Dome. Glacier Point is honestly going to leave you feeling like you’re on top of the world!

yosemite elopement

Tunnel View

If you’re looking for someplace that captures the entire Yosemite essence, look no further! On the way from Yosemite Valley to Glacier Point, you’ll pass this iconic spot that displays El Capitan, Bridal Veil Fall, the Three Brothers, with Half Dome all peeking through the mountains.

Even though it offers insane views of Yosemite, it can get pretty busy with photographers and tourist, so you won’t be getting much privacy. We suggest having your elopement ceremony elsewhere, and returning here to take some epic post-elopement shots!


Wawona is a valley hidden in Yosemite. The valley is a beautiful emerald green credited to the old trees that live here. It’s a great spot for your elopement ceremony because it’s private and offers a rustic and earthy feel, which is perfect for boho inspired elopements!

Be prepared to do something walking to get here. It’s not the best terrain, but it makes for an awesome adventure and opportunity to explore some of the hidden parts of Yosemite.

Bridalveil Falls

Travel along a paved path and you’ll find yourself at the base of a waterfall. With wooden logs and a fresh running river, you’ll find a few beautiful spots to say your “I do’s”. If it’s a super sunny day, it’s the perfect place to escape the sun as well as get some awesome lighting from the sun peeping through the tall trees.

yosemite elopement

Lower Yosemite Falls

This is a great option for those of you who aren’t looking to go deep into Yosemite for your elopement ceremony. It’s right down the road from Yosemite Valley Lodge making it an easy stop if you’re planning on having a few quests. It’s a short, easy walk where you’ll find yourself nestled in the trees.

If you’re planning on bringing some decor, treats or flowers to your ceremony it’ll be pretty easy to do. Everything can be stored and brought by the Yosemite Valley Lodge.

El Capitan Meadow

Situated right in the middle of the valley, it’s an easy and beautiful spot to have your ceremony at. A dreamy meadow at the foot of El Capitan is sure to be a magical spot to say your vows at.

Considering a fall elopement? El Capitan Meadow is your best option! With the leaves and grass turning beautiful shades or reds and oranges!

Swinging Bridge

Another great spot to say your vows at, with 360-degree views of the forests, valley and mountain range. There are endless opportunities for photos here; the high-falling waterfall, rivers, green meadows, snow-capped mountains or spring flowers.

Cathedral Beach

A riverside beach location that is surrounded by trees and the beautiful mountain range. It’s only accessible during the dry months, as the rainy period leaves no way of getting here. Consider this the best of both worlds: a beach and mountain elopement venue!

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