Winter Elopements: Why We LOVE Them!

winter elopement planning

It’s true that there’s a wedding season, it’s a real wedding frenzy for planners, photographers, and vendors! Depending on your location, the wedding season tends to be in full-fledged over the spring and early fall period. And when things are this popular, it comes as no surprise that you’re paying a slightly higher cost.

Winter weddings aren’t just beautiful, they’re also budget-friendly! They work out to be the perfect season for elopements, because of how rare they are. You won’t need to book months in advance for the perfect venue, or even settle for an okay photographer simply because you want a warmer elopement.

Just like traditional weddings are losing their exclusivity, so is the summer season! Don’t get us wrong, summer elopements are magical, but winter ones are just as magical and they don’t get the credit they deserve! It doesn’t just bring a chill to the air,

It’s something out of the ordinary and great for those winter loving people who are looking to elope in the beautiful winter months. Think warm spicy drinks, warm aesthetics and snowy days…

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite winter elopement ideas and why winter can add the perfect touch to your elopement!

Our favourite winter elopement ideas

Winter colors
Embrace the cold weather with winter hues, use lots of wood and add warm winter colors to your palette (like deep greens and dark reds). You can incorporate your winter colors in subtle ways that give you that warm and cozy winter feeling. Maybe wear hints of browns and oranges in your make-up or add some dark winter colors to your soon to be hubby’s tie?

Winter decor
When you think of winter, you think of all things rustic and warm. Winter is the perfect reason to bring in the comfort element to your elopement. This could mean incorporating faux furs into your clothing style, as well as adding velvet accents.

Fire pits are the most perfect commodity for your winter elopements and it’s the best reason to snuggle up with your hubby. Lounge areas set up around the fire mean you’ll have an intimate and romantic experience. Sharing stories around the cozy fire will be a memory you’ll cherish forever!

Elopement Cake
A winter wedding cake is a must! Dripping cakes are a winter classic and your cake is the perfect opportunity to bring in those warm winter hues! Winter elopement cakes are a good enough reason for having your elopement in the winter, do yourself a favor and look through winter elopement cakes on Pinterest, they are crazy beautiful!

winter elopement wedding cakes

Winter wedding bouquets
Just like winter elopement cakes, your bouquet can resemble the winter atmosphere. Pinterest is also your best friend here and you can find a ton of bouquet inspiration that’s been styled specifically for winter elopements. Take a look at our Pinterest inspiration boards, you can find your winter inspiration for cakes, dresses, and bouquets!

Scented candles
Or any candles for that matter. You don’t even need to have lighting for your ceremony, simply use an array of candles. The candles will change the whole atmosphere to a warm, intimate and romantic ceremony. The absolute best thing about using scented candles is that you can associate your elopement with a smell. A year down the line, you can light up the scented candles and you’re taken back to the scene of your elopement!

Winter Elopement Locations

The States

The Alpine House in Jackson Hole, Wyoming: A combination of European style and the wild west, The Alpine House offers a luxurious place for saying you’re ” I do’s”. With mountain scenery, the wooden cabins (made from century-old timber) are tucked away in the snowy trees and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with their farm-to-restaurant cooking.

Jackson Hole, where Alpine House is located, is a vibrant little city, known for its winter wonderland atmosphere. It’s situated in a valley, so snow covered grounds and light snowfall are the norms. But streets are lit up with twinkle lights and olden day lamp posts, making the town extra charming!

Winter elopement

Lake Tahoe: In summer the lake is a beautiful crystal blue, but when winter comes, the beautiful blues actually turns to crystal. Picture your elopement against snow-capped mountains with the lovely snow-covered trees surrounding the waters.

If you’re down for adventures, Lake Tahoe has over 200 activities on offer. Crazy, I know. But it also means you can combine your honeymoon with your elopement.


The Northern Lights Snow Chapel, Lapland: While the Northern Lights aren’t guaranteed, you’ll still be in for an absolute treat. You’ll arrive at a sparkling chapel that’s been made from ice, on a reindeer-drawn sleigh with candles lighting the way. How flippin’ magical!

It’s the absolute perfect place for an elopement because of how private your little ice castle is. It’s got an iced altar where you’ll be saying your vows, and when that’s done you can drink some real cocoa and hopefully get to see the Northern Lights!

Castle Rosenburg, Austria: Of course it doesn’t get more wintery than eloping in an old castle. The historical castle has lost nothing of the charm of bygone centuries, and each of the rooms still remained styled in the old day tradition.

The grounds have a variety of locations for your ceremony, so depending on the snowfall, you can explore the grounds and see all the things it has to offer.

Oddi Church, Iceland: Nothing is as beautiful as snow covered chapel, especially this one in Iceland. The red roof and white walls look magical in the snow and it’s famous for hosting famous poets and priests. The fact that famous poets came here to write poetry just shows you how special this place is!

We hope this got you as excited for an winter elopement as it got us? Let’s not forget about the beauties that are brought with the cold weather!

What would be your favorite elopement season?

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