Tips for Picking an Elopement Destination

Destination Elopement Tips

Where do I start??

After you’ve opted for a smaller wedding solution, there are still things that should be worked out before you say I do; one of the biggest of those being, where!  You now have freedom to go anywhere in the world, and you probably have a bigger budget to do so since you aren’t buying dinner for 200+ people.

So how do you choose where to elope? It could be anywhere from your backyard to the Tuscany countryside. If you are wanting to get away to tie the knot, here are a few tips to help you decide. 


Go somewhere that has significance to you and your partner

Whether it’s a place you’ve always wanted to go or a spot with specific meaning to your relationship, go somewhere that is important to both of you, it will make the day that much more magical.



Now that you’re not spending your life savings on making other people happy, spend some of that hard-earned money on you and your hunny! While maybe you wouldn’t normally buy a roundtrip ticket across the world, or a fancy hotel suite, think of all the money you’re saving by keeping the occasion small and intimate.


Hire a Coordinator

Just because you have decided to elope doesn’t mean you have to do this all on your own. When picking a dream destination, hire a planner that knows the area well. They can give you ideas on where to go and how to get there.  There might be some hidden spots that are unknown to the average tourist, which will make your day that more special and exciting.  It also relinquishes some of the stress that comes with planning the day, and stress was probably one of the reasons you decided to elope in the first place.


And remember, while the location is an exciting and important part of eloping, this day is solely about the love you two share for each other, so no matter where you chose, it is sure to be incredible.

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