Elope in Hawaii 10 Absolutely Stunning Places

Hawaii is one of our absolute favorite places for elopements! Not only is it an authentic Island visit, but you have the option of exploring hundreds of different elopement spots!

Snorkeling, swimming with the turtles, hiking, sight-seeing and eating traditional Hawaiian foods are great activities to be doing on your honeymoon, so why not elope in Hawaii and have an epic island elopement!

With all the different options to choose from, you’ll find that the beautiful Hawaii has a little bit of everything! Take a look at these 10 stunning locations for elopements!

1. Waikiki Beach

Where: The south shore of Honolulu

Okay, so this is something for the couples who don’t mind a crowd. Crowds can be fun sometimes, too! It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and do some adventuring! Step out of your comfort zone and explore all Waikiki has to over!

If you’re including some friends and family in your elopement, you won’t even need to host your guests. The beach is buzzing with exciting restaurants and bars, it’s the perfect post-elopement party venue! The shore was a once famous playground for Hawaiian royalty, making it a vibrant gathering place for people from around the globe.

Every hotel is just two or three blocks from the beach, a great reason to stay in Waikiki and have your elopement right on the beach! As well as crystal clear waters, you’ll always have stunning views of Mount Leahi!

2. Pohoiki Beach

Where: Puna, Island of Hawaii

If you’re looking for something uniquely beautiful, Pohoiki beach is made up of magical black sands that line the shore. It’s crazy to know that the black sand has only been around since 2018, due to the islands recent volcanic activity. You can explore Pohoiki for the day and it’s safe to sunbathe, swim and surf here, too (when the swell isn’t too big)!

It’s purely for photographs though, unfortunately staying on this visually appealing beach isn’t an option. There isn’t fresh drinking water, because the water no longer has a circulatory system. The good thing is, you can easily drive down the beach for your ceremony and photoshoot and return to some of the other beautiful beaches.

3. Hilo Bay

Where: South Hilo, Island of Hawaii

Hilo Bay is made up of a few quiet, authentic Hawaiian towns with a mellowed out vibe. It’s the perfect getaway spot to relax, enjoy the Hawaiin culture and immerse yourself in outdoor activities. The shores are made up of thick jungle, lovely waterfalls, darling beaches, and great surfing spots.

You can easily find a quiet little nock for your elopement ceremony, where the only sounds you’ll be hearing are the soft clashes of the waves and chirping of the indigenous bird species.

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4. Waipio Valley

Where: Hamakua Coast

Looking to do something a little wild and adventurous for your elopement? Waipio Valley overlooks the most breath-taking views and is an important site for Hawaiian history and culture. Cliffs reach up to 2000 feet high, definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Your elopement ceremony will be intimate and private, with the backdrop of the best that Hawaii has to offer. And getting there is the best part! Depending on your vibe, you have the option of going horse-back until you reach the point, or if you’re fit enough you can always throw on your hiking boots to get to the top (but keep in mind you’ll need to be doing yourself up for your ceremony!).

If you’re not big into adventure, you can always view the valley from the coastal Waipio Valley Overlook, which is found at the end of the Hamakua Heritage Corridor drive.

5. Waimea Valley

Where: Waimea Valley Road

Beaches aren’t the only places you can elope in Hawaii. If you’re feeling a little sun’d out, why not try something a little more rustic? Like the farmlands of Waimea. Waimea is the biggest producer of fruits and vegs to the Island, making it a great earthy spot for your ceremony. Rolling green hills, tropical warm forests, and far-away ocean views are a few beautiful spots on offer. It’s perfect for a quieter, more chilled out venue to say your “I do’s”.

It’s rich in culture and along the valley, you’ll find cultural practitioners and artisans sharing various native Hawaiian practices. You’ll also have the opportunity to experience more than 5,000 botanicals which leads to a 45-foot waterfall, reached by a paved path.

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6. Paipu Beach

Where: Southside of Maui

You know what this beach is famous for? Epic sunsets! Be prepared to witness the sky turn exquisite shades of yellows, pinks, oranges, blues, and purples! The ocean even seems to turn beautiful shades of blue when the sun is preparing to set. It’s obviously the perfect spot for a sunset elopement (or even a sunrise elopement shoot?).

If you’ve dreamed of having a perfect island styled elopement, Paipu beach is one of your best options. The shore is made up of white, soft sand, so why not elope barefoot? Embrace the culture of Hawaii and bring along a traditional Hawaiin band to play some live music, or incorporate some local flowers in your bouquet.

7. Makena Beach

Where: South Beach, Maui

Mekena is another one of Hawaii’s signature beaches. It’s one of the largest, undeveloped beaches, with white sands extending 2/3 of a mile. You can enjoy the beach in its natural beauty, with nature being the only thing in sight. Stunning views, hiking spots, snorkeling and tons of swimming are just a few of the basic things you can be doing.

Here’s why Makena Beach is a good elopement ceremony venue: It’s nestled between two black lava outcroppings, which means it’s totally protected from the wind.

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8. Haleiwa Beach

Where: North Shore, Oahu

Three things sum up Haleiwa Beach: sea turtle, sunsets and turquoise waters! It’s all the things Hawaii does best! The shallow reefs show off the beautiful marine life here, making it the perfect spot for sea turtles to swim in! The beach is also pretty secluded and it won’t get too busy, which is a plus for elopements!

Pride of India trees truly give this spot a tropical feel and if you pay extra attention, you’ll notice the beautiful aroma of the lilac flowers. The atmosphere is already set, what more could you need for an intimate ocean-side elopement?

9. Poipu Beach Park

Where: Southern coast of Kauaʻi

One of the best beaches to visit all year round. If you’re worried about flying all the way to Hawaii and not getting the best weather, make this your first stop. It’s one of the sunniest shorelines around! It’s the perfect place to visit if you’re fond of swimming; the waters are a beautiful shade of blue and it’s pretty safe for all levels of swimming.

Pack a picnic you can tuck into after you say your “I do’s”. The beach is a prime spot to watch sunsets and relax with your new hubby. When seasons busy you’ll even be surprised to see some traditional fire dancers and Hawaiian musicians.

10. Lanai City

Where:  Maui County

It’s one of the smaller chains of Island, but it’s also an Island of total luxury! There are only two hotels on the island, and one of them is the four seasons.

Given how small it is, it’s a great option if you’re looking for something a little more private, while also staying in luxury. You truly get a feel of the town when you go walking around the town square, which is a walk up and down a single street. Having one strip of shops means you’ll get to experience true, authentic Hawaiian culture and all the local produce. The simplicity of choices will leave you feeling refreshed and de-stressed for your elopement!

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