Gorgeous Boho Sunset Elopement in Kauai, Hawaii

Sunset Elopement in Kauai, Hawaii

These pretty pictures tell a fairy-tale story of an elopement in the magical Kalalau Valley. There were strawberries to be eaten, champagne to be drunk and picturesque sunsets to be seen, all from the inside of a tiny picnic tent! The elopement was set upon a mountainous backdrop and included some beautiful Hawaiian flowers, which suited the Boho style so perfectly, and so did the couple’s barefoot feet! Nature was a key element and made for beautiful, simple décor. The simple, soft pink cake was something that definitely stood out and even had it’s own unique touches of nature!

This gorgeous couple made this elopement a real adventure, by hiking up the mountains to reach the top for the epic viewpoints and taking the road less travelled. It just shows the length that this couple would go to to celebrate their love. And the pictures do so much justice at showing all the love that this couple has for each other – huge shouthout to Foto Pop Kauai for capturing all those special moments!

Each shot captures the intimacy between the two and it makes it so special that the two of them got to celebrate the love in their own company.

What also made this elopement special was the fact that all the vendors were local business that put together a whole lot of teamwork to make sure everything went perfectly! And even though the couple is originally from Hawaii, they were able to create an out of world experience in their own home. They really managed to have the perfect elopement, which definitely checked all the boxes! It also goes to show how simple things can have such a powerful influence! Something as simple as fairy lights was able to create a twinkling glow to all the photographs and it also made the sunset look ever more spectacular!


Coordination: Hawaii Styled Shoots
Photography: Foto Pop Kauai
Luxury Outdoor Styling: Kalea Kauai
Cake: Kawaii Designs