5 Reasons you should hire an Elopement Wedding Planner

Elopement Wedding Planner

So the big day as come and movies don’t lie, it can be a stressful day (even though you’re eloping)! There always seems to be a million things that still need to be done and even though you’re filled with excitement, you’re bound to feel a little nervous, right? So here’s why you should consider hiring an Elopement Wedding Planner!

You can have the perfect timing for your elopement

Often brides don’t get to see the behind the scenes of some weddings or elopements and don’t realize how important the timing of everything can actually be. Like the music starting as you walk down the isle, the champagne glasses being filled for when the ceremony is actually over or getting the first looks timed perfectly. Hiring a “wedding planner” for your actual elopement means you won’t need to stress the small things and or have to worry about everything not running smoothly.

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Wedding Planners can get you vendor discounts

Once you hire a wedding planner you’ll soon notice that the stress of knowing where to find everything is soon gone! You won’t need to spend hour’s online finding vendors for a reasonable price. Planners are so well connected that knowing referral discounts comes to be a big part of their job. You and your planner can sit down and discuss what you’re willing to budget and then work around that. They’re aware of all the packages that certain vendors can offer you and this means you’ll be able to stick to your budget a lot easier.

Make your vision happen in a foreign destination

If you’re having a destination elopement, chances are you’re not going to know a lot about the country and where you’re going to find all your resources in the most convenient way. Local knowledge can’t be beat; your planner will know exactly the right spots, what works best where and they’ll actually have first hand experience of a variety of different vendors. Planners know that if you find a florist, that florist knows a good hairdresser and that hairdresser knows a good photographer and before you know it, you have a whole team behind you.

And you don’t need to worry about your planner being half way across the world. Online communication is a great tool for you and your planner; you can easily express how you envision the big day going, what your preferences are and even share some Pintrest Pins.

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You don’t need to worry about all the legal constraints

 Eloping in a place you’re unfamiliar with can be quite scary and most of the times it’s tricky to navigate the legal systems and what needs to go down for getting married in a foreign country. You can leave all the admin and research to your planner and you don’t need to worry about giving them all the hard work to do, because they’re pros at it! What’s even less of a worry is hiring a local wedding planner, because they’re familiar with al the legal aspects of marriage and they’ll even help remind you to bring all your important documents.

It’s an opportunity for fresh, new ideas

Wedding Planners have had tons of experience with all things weddings, whether it’s been gigantic receptions or small, intimate elopements. So they have a huge insight into details, décor, music, lighting, venues and so much more! It’s always a good idea to keep your mind open and see what other ideas other people may have, just to give you some extra inspiration. If you a whole load of ideas and just don’t know how to make it all mesh, then a planner is perfect for you! It’s also a great way to have a surprise element to your elopement, like having a planner organize the drinks or dinner you may want to have afterwards.

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