Elopement Reception Invitations (because after-parties are still fun)

Elopement Reception Invitations

Having to tell your friends and family that you’re eloping can sometimes be quite daunting. Although this is entirely yours and your partners decision, a lot of the times your friends and family can be a little hurt that they didn’t get to spend such a memorable day with you. And the same goes for you; you might love the idea of eloping and it just being the two of you, but celebrations with your loved ones can give you another reason to be joyous. That’s why Elopement Receptions are the perfect compromise!

Elopement Celebration with Friends

Spreading the message

Sending some personalised announcement letters is a great way of letting people know what went down. You can either send these before or after the actual elopement. If you’re opting to let everyone know before the big day, let them know the deets; share some of your thoughts and excitement, as well as where you’ll be heading. Once you have eloped, send everyone some announcement cards and tell them how it went, including some pictures from the day is a perfect way of sharing the moment.

Your Elopement Invitations for your actual reception are what people are going to get the most excited about. It’s always a nice idea to have a theme among your invitations, like if you were planning on having your elopement on an old French Wine Farm, create the rustic feel by using brown papers and some hand drawn grape vines. You can even bring the destination feel to the whole reception!

Destination elopement after parties

Elopements are a very personal and intimate affair and it’s great that it gets to be just the two of you, but celebrations are always fun when shared. Once the deeds done, surround yourself with all the love and happiness people have for you!

Eloping in a foreign country can take off the pressure of inviting your second cousin, twice removed and her new boyfriend. And because you’re eloping, there’s no pressure for your guests to join you for a reception in a different country anyway. If planning a reception across the world just isn’t going work, your hometown is still a beautiful option! Regardless of this, there are people who love you so much that they’ll fly across the world to be a part of your elopement.

The reception after eloping

Your reception can be anything you want it to be and it doesn’t have to be like your typical wedding reception. It can be anything like a small, warm get together, a night filled with music and dancing or even some crazy cool activities.

New destinations means new cultures and a new culture comes with a whole lot of new food that needs to be tried. It is a perfect opportunity to plan a reception around this newfound culture. Try getting creative and find out what your chosen destination is known for and then work around that. Don’t be shy on spending some money on some décor and even a few bottles of some good champagne. Live music is also always a good idea. If you’re not going all out on the reception and keeping it simple music is a great way to tie it all together and create a mellowed out atmosphere.

Elopement Dinner Friends Wine

An elopement cake

Although this isn’t your typical reception, Elopement Cakes are becoming the new norm, even if it’s just for the bride and groom. This doesn’t need to be one of those over the top cakes, rather think small and simplistic! Having a cake isn’t a prerequisite either. What about some sweet treats like cupcakes and candy? Or even some local deserts that you can all try together. And at the end of the day it can be a great way of showing you’re appreciation to all your guests for coming.

Elopement Cake Rustic

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Elopement reception invitations