Everything you need to know about having an Elopement Photographer

Everything you need to know about elopement photography

Elopement Photographers

Why you should hire an elopement photographer…

There’s a beautiful idea of eloping, telling a story of couples madly in love and fleeing away to a faraway land to marry the person of their dreams. And in the new day and age we’re blessed with amazing photographers who can capture these magical moments. This is something you should feel obligated to splurge on, if splurge is even the right word, rather, something you should seriously invest in! It’s a way to commemorate your elopement and make the moment real.

Elopements aren’t something that spans over a long period of time, an elopement lasts about 5 minutes at most. So while flying abroad and having your destination elopement is so great, having a photographer present can create amazing images that tell the story of your day.

What an Elopement photoshoot covers

An elopement shoot provides coverage of the ceremony as well as personal portraits, which can include a variety of different things, such as:

Your first look: The moment you and your love lay eyes on each other for the first time. Although this is something pretty traditional at weddings, it’s beautiful for elopements too… and it’s always heartwarming to look back on these pictures and reminisce on old memories!

The scenery: The actual elopement photo shoot is almost always out in nature, which gives photographers a beautiful scenery to blend genuine intimacy with the surrounding landscape in a way that the typical eye wouldn’t catch. Soft, naturally lit images are usually the outcome of outdoor elopements, and we love that!

Elopement Photography Couple

The ceremony: Another reason to hire an elopement photographer – they can also be your legal witness. The photographer is able to document the emotions the two of you are expressing and capture it with a lens, and they can also sign as your legal witness, allowing your elopement to be legally legit.

The couple: Photographers play a huge role in making your photographs breathtaking. Of course, the right color contrast, right composition, and right editing techniques are important… but a photographer does so much more. An elopement photographer will come with pose ideas, they will direct you, place you, and ensure that you have fun during your shoot.

Tips for good couple shots:

Make eye contact

If you’re not good with public affection, go to a private area

Play some music in the background

Talk about some of your favourite moments, there will be big smiles for this!

Be comfortable, and be you!

The Reception: While most elopements don’t include receptions, there are no rules! When you decide to elope, you also get to make your day anything you want it to be! Want to have a gorgeous reception or candlelit dinner after your ceremony? Or want to set up a gorgeous, intimate reception like this one?

You call the shots! And your photographer can capture the moment and the details. Your family and friends will want to see pics, after all! And your grandkids will too 😉

Elopement photography Pricing – How much does it cost?

Just because you’re not having 100 guests at a wedding, doesn’t mean you’ll be paying less for a photographer, after all, your photographer’s time and talent isn’t any different based on the number of guests. Your photographer is there to capture your day as it is, so whether it’s a small intimate wedding, grand and traditional or simply an elopement, the price is pretty much the same. It comes down to professionalism, the photographers demand, and where you’ll be eloping. We love the idea of supporting small, local photographers and they’re often a lot less of a hassle to book, plus you won’t need to book so far in advance – it is an elopement after all.

Elopement Photography Beach

Select your elopement photographer carefully

Your photographer is essentially the most important person to attend your elopement. Look into what style you’re attracted to when it comes to photography. Each photographer is unique and has their own approach to taking pictures. Use Pinterest as your inspiration and go from there. If you love portrait pictures, go for a photographer with that speciality, the same goes for adventure shoots, outdoor shoots, indoor shoots and beach shoots. If you find photos you like, be sure to share them with your photographer to ensure that they are in line with their style.

We hope this article helped! And we would love to see your elopement photo shoots and know how it all went for you! Send us email at sol@dreamelopements.com to feature your elopement or comment your stories below!


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Everything you need to know about having an Elopement Photographer