Beautiful Elopement Packages across Europe

elopement packages across europe

The Best Elopement Packages in Europe

When it comes to tying the knot, location is everything! Celebrating your elopement in a romantic and exotic location adds to the excitement of saying your “I do’s”!

Don’t be fooled by the size of the European continent, because even though it’s the smallest of them all, it holds an entire variety of exquisite cultures! All these different cultures, means you have the option of finding one that’s perfect for you.

Don’t let the idea of eloping in Europe scare you, because when it comes to a budget, you’re almost always saving some bucks when you opt for an elopement. With elopements becoming more and more popular, many countries are offering elopement packages. These packages make it so much more accessible for couples to head over to another country and legally elope!

Each European country has their own rules when it comes to eloping, so we’ve put together some of our favorite European elopement destinations that include elopement packages.

Best Elopement Packages in Spain

The south-eastern Mediterranean coastline gives this beautiful country a gentle warming climate. You’ll find that the coasts are lined with palm trees, rosemary bushes and a growth of tropical vegetation. Move into the city and you’ll find winding ancient streets, stunning old villages and speckled castles.

Marry Me in Spain

A Mediterranean-styled elopement in the heart of Barcelona can easily be put together by Marry me in Spain. Marry me in Spain has designed a complete elopement package that includes:

Venue – Photography – Hair and make-up – Celebrants – Romantic dinner dates – Transport

They’re more than happy to adapt their packages to suit your every need and desire!

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Mediterranean Weddings

For just 250 pounds, Mediterranean Weddings offers a “just the two of us” elopement package. The service caters to couples that have chosen to elope in Spain, without any family members or guests. What’s great about their services is that they offer a variety of luxury venue destinations across Spain…you could be eloping on a 5-star yacht or a unique and romantic elopement at St Michaels Cave.


Best Elopement Packages in France

France is without a doubt one of the most romantic places for your European elopement! Besides the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, France can offer you beautiful vineyards, French Riviera’s and dreamy country villas.

Finding an elopement package in France is going to be the easiest part when it comes to planning your French Elopement!


Cermonize has been planning weddings since 2009 and now they’re offering 3 beautiful elopement packages:

The French Kiss: Keeping it simple, you can elope at one of these beautiful venues the grounds of the Eiffel Tower, Tuileries garden, Notre Dame de Paris, at Medicis fountain, or on the terrace of your hotel!

The je t’aime a la folie package: You can now get your own photographed tour along Paris. This is such a unique and special opportunity, and it’s amazing seeing wedding planners including such intimate packages for just the couple!

The passionnement Package: This’ll include the ceremony, Paris tours, and photography sessions, and to finish it off, you’ll have the option of dining in one of three magical French restaurants!

Best Elopement Packages in Italy

Italy is made up of bustling little cities, each with their own unique twist!

We wrote a piece about eloping in Italy, and all the amazing cities you can explore! Take a look at it here!

Elope in Italy

Elope in Italy have a number of individualized elopement packages for you to choose from. All their packages are inspired by Italian traditions, which means you’ll be getting an authentic Italian touch on your elopement. Traditional or classical musicians play music for the ceremony, adding that extra authenticity!

Each package is so specialized, that you definitely won’t have a hard time finding the right fit!

San Crispolto

San Crispolto is another company that has an array of elopement packages and these packages are designed to cater to the intimate needs of eloping (which some wedding packages might ignore)!

If you head over to their website, you’ll find their 5 elopement packages along with the pricing, there’s literally everything you’d need to know about planning your elopement. It’s a big plus that they’ve added some beautiful pictures that really give you a feel of Italy!

Best Elopement Packages in Switzerland

Feel the warmth, magic, and charm of Switzerland, as it’s known to be quiet, intimate and nature orientated! You’ll find an abundance of beautiful landscapes, from snow-capped mountains to inland adventures.

A Lovely Day

A Lovely Day, organized by Laura Dova, will help you spend the happiest day of your life exactly how you’d want to! She doubles up as a wedding planner and celebrant, which means the organization is her top priority! What makes her the perfect fit is that she’s multilingual, so she can help out with any of the language barriers you might face.

Her elopement package includes: 4 hours photography footage, planning and Skype meetings, make-up and hair, bouquet organizations (with the help of Pinterest inspiration boards), 10 possible ceremony locations and even customized ceremony scripts!

Eloping in Switzerland

If you’re looking for a basic elopement package, Eloping in Switzerland is one of your best options! The basic package includes all the necessary planning and organization of your elopement. So no matter where you might be in the world, you can trust them to have the perfect elopement planned upon your arrival.

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Best Elopement Packages in Germany

A place where medieval meets modernity, they’ve found a way of incorporating the stunning landscape with modern living. It makes Germany the perfect place to Elope and Honeymoon in! With vibrant culture, mountain villages, fabulous food and out of this world scenery, Germany is one of those places that have it all!

Peach Perfect Weddings

Peach Perfect Weddings specialize in Elopements in Germany, and they’re all about customizing and specializing your elopement. They have a set elopement package to which you can add extra specials, replace or remove things and tell them all your preferences!

Weddings in Germany

If you fancy a real fairytale wedding, eloping in a German castle couldn’t be more perfect! Neuschwanstein castle is located in the Bavarian Alps, and Weddings in Germany organize all weddings and elopements that happen here. They’re unique in the sense that you have the ability to create your own wedding package! This means you can select a variety of different services that will fit your elopement.

Here’s a description of their specialized services, taken from their website:

• Officiant service/free speaker to conduct the ceremony with customized reading in English or German with translation starting at €300.00
• Professional digital photo package with 2 hours of service and copyright release for private use starting at €1000.00
• Romantic horse and carriage ride through the Hohenschwangau valley with a photo shoot at castle Neuschwanstein or Hohenschwangau starting at €400.00
• Bridal bouquet with fresh flowers and boutonniere for the groom starting at €130.00
• Bridal hair and makeup service at your hotel starting at €250.00
• Wedding cake starting at €130.00
• Decorated wedding arch starting at €400.00
• Toast with sparkling wine starting at €30 (estimated for 2 to 5 people)
• Traditional Bavarian music “Blasmusik” or Alphorns starting at €300.00
• Location rental fee may be required depending on ceremony location and guest count and starting at €300.00

Best Elopement Packages in Ireland

With enchanted lakes, picturesque waterside towns and breathtaking views, you’ll definitely want to consider Ireland for your elopement destination! There’s plenty to do in this quaint little country, from enjoying life on the water to getting active with nature.

Sea View House

Sea View House has been helping couples across the world plan their elopement in Ireland. They will work with you to create a package that suits your needs and they have had plenty of experience planning small intimate weddings and elopements.

Peach Perfect Weddings

Peach Perfect Weddings also plan couples elopements in Ireland. You can easily schedule a Skype chat with them to begin your elopement planning, and they’re more than happy to answer any questions you have about eloping in Ireland. Their elopement packages start at 4600 Euro’s, and it’ll include your elopement necessities, like live music, coordination, make-up and hair, ceremony locations and your photography.

Best Elopement Packages in Austria

Austria is often a forgotten hidden gem when it comes to romantic European cities. Austria offers amazing settings for breathtaking love celebrations. It’s also the perfect place for a snowy elopement, with surrounding forests and stunning mountain ranges!

High Emotions Wedding Planners

High Emotions Wedding Planners are experts when it comes to planning weddings and elopements in France, Austria, and Italy. They align all the necessary documentation and all the formalities, plan every little detail to make your elopement magical and correspond with you no matter where in the world you may be. If you head over to their website, you can fill out a basic inquiry and they’ll get back to you in no time!

elopement austria

Best Elopement Packages in Greece

Unobstructed views of the Mediterranean oceans and the classic Greek architecture put Greece on the top of bucket list! The tropical country is made up of thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas, providing you with endless options to explore!

Greece has some really well-priced elopement packages as well as affordable accommodation and activities.

Santorini Wedding Celebrant 

Santorini is one of the most popular destinations for weddings in Greece. The Santorini Wedding Celebrant is available to guide you with everything you need to know, from ways to elope, your elopement checklist and stunning inspiration! The whole package will only cost you 750 euros, and you’ll have all your legal requirements sorted and an entire elopement organized and photographed.

Santorini Elopement

For a simple, easy elopement package, take a look at the Santorini Elopement. Their services offer personalized elopements at a really good price, and it’s ideal if you’re looking for something simple and intimate.

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