The Unspoken Rules of Elopement Etiquette

The Unspoken Rules of elopement etiquette

One of the greatest parts about eloping is that you don’t face the obligation of including a load of people at your wedding, which often makes for a very costly celebration (and sometimes an array of unwanted guests). Of course, that shouldn’t be the reason for not wanting a wedding, because etiquette is very much a thing when it comes to eloping! Etiquette is something that’s going to be quite an important part of elopement; it’s a way of ensuring that your friends and family don’t feel hurt or left out and that they have the opportunity of understanding why you are choosing to elope and what it means to you. It also means that you can fully go into your marriage knowing that you did things the right way and that everyone can be happy about your decision (you’ll also avoid the eternal guilt-trip). So no matter how you’re choosing to elope, or where you’re choosing to elope, and just like most things, being etiquette is still a requirement. So to make sure you and your partner as doing things the right way, we thought we’d share some of the ways you can handle your elopement and make sure you’ve got some happy friends and family!

The rules of eloping

Your number one rule is to make sure that your friends and family know about your elopement, and it doesn’t matter if this is before or after your elopement, depending on the way in which you and your hubby go about this. Generally, if you’ve just decided last minute that you’re going down to City Hall to get married, announcing to your friends and family comes next, but because of how common elopements are becoming, couples are spending more and more time planning their elopements. If you’ve been taking the time to plan this elopement, you’re going to need to take the time to tell your loved ones too.

If you’re thinking about keeping this whole elopement a secret, keep it a proper secret. You don’t want to be telling one person that you’re eloping, because what if word gets out? You’ll have a lot of people wondering why they were kept in the dark, and that’s not the way you want to start your marriage, even though it might feel as though you had every right to keeping this private.

How to announce you’ve eloped

First off, you have to tell the people who are most important to you; it could be your children, your parents or family, or your closest friends. Honestly is the best policy, and it’s a great way of sharing all your thoughts and experiences of the elopement. You’re going to need to tell people why you choose to elope, and what it means to you, which is just a beautiful way of sharing your experience and reliving the moment! Doing this in person is the most appropriate way because it shows people you’re taking the time to share the news with them, and if they’re maybe not happy with the elopement, you have the opportunity to authentically express how you’re feeling or what you’re thinking.

Elopement Couple announcement

Elopement announcements ideas

The ways you go about announcing your elopement is totally up to you, but we have a few guidelines and ideas, which follow proper elopement etiquette

Like we said earlier, announcing your elopement in person is always the best idea. It’s more intimate and personal and watching peoples expressing can always be entertaining. When people find out they’re going to want to shower you two in love, so why not be there for that, because there’s always the possibility of turning it into a celebration with your friends and family

Once you’ve told the most important people, you could send out announcements through phone calls, on social platforms and you could even send out personalized announcements cards. Personalized announcement cards can be customized to suit the theme of your elopement, and they definitely show your friends that you’ve put thought in telling them about your elopement. We have a beautiful Pinterest board you can check out, it offers inspiration for your elopement announcement ideas!

Creating albums where you can share the photographs of your elopement is a must! It’s always so exciting for other people to look over your photographs because elopement shoots have the ability to tell a romantic love story. Your friends and family will be able to see how the day went, what the venue looked like, what the two of you were wearing and all the joyous emotions.

If you would like to share your elopement with us and be featured on our website, send us a message, we would love to see your elopement photo-shoot and it’s also a great way of creating a platform for people to see your elopement!

Party after eloping etiquette

If you’re sad about missing the whole traditional wedding celebration, fear not, because ‘elopement after parties’ is here to save the day! It’s a great way to celebrate your elopement, and you can celebrate in any way you please, whether it be a reception dinner or lunch, a wine and tapas night, or a night out at some trendy bars, it’s all up to you!

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