The Only Elopement Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Elopement Checklist Wedding Planner

Chances are you’re eloping to make things a lot less crazy, which is why we’ve added an extra hand! It’s quite a scary thing to elope in a different country, and having to remember all the little things, this the ultimate elopement checklist for when you’re eloping abroad and it’s going to be your bestest friend!

  • Pick your date
  • Pick an elopement location
  • Do some research on your location
  • Determine a budget: You’ll need to determine whose actually going to be paying for this elopement and how much your both willing to spend. Decide what’s most important to the two of you and what you consider to be a definite for the elopement, whether that’ll be paying for a live band or spending some extra money on the perfect elopement dress. Making a must’s and maybe’s list always makes the process a lot simpler!

Top Tip: Don’t forget about the exchange rate, at times it can offer you some leeway on your budget!

  • Think about some themes: Decide if your elopement is going to have a theme, which you’ll carry through your decisions. Spend a couple nights in your comfy clothes, a glass of wine and find what inspires you by looking through Pintrest, blog posts and wedding magazines. This is something you and your future hubby will have so much fun doing together, and it’s also something you should both agree on. We have a ton of inspiring blog posts and real elopement photography to help get the ball rolling, click here to check them all out!
  • Say yes to the Dress
  • Buy the tuxedo
  • Call up some small wedding planners: We’ve written the perfect blog about why an elopement-wedding planner is important, follow the link!
  • Hire a photographer or elopement videographer
  • Organize your music:

A live band

The ultimate playlist for your DJ or even your IPod and speakers

Some roasting records

A singer

  • Book your flights
  • Book your hotel, BNB or lodge that you’ll be staying in: It’s also a good idea to consider booking airport pick-ups!
  • Organize an officiant
  • Choose an elopement cake: Online research it’s your best friend for your destination elopement. Contact some bakers and take a look at their gallery of cakes. You can even go for a local wedding cake tasting, it’s an excuse to taste all your yummy options.
  • Organize someone to look after your home while you’re away (and don’t forget about your pets!)
  • Elopement wedding bands
  • Write your vows: the most meaningful part about your elopement! What do you promise to your future husband? There are a number of different traditional vows: Buddhist vows, Jewish vows, Hindu vows, catholic weddings vows and so many more! If you’re not one for tradition, you can opt for some super cute, super romantic vows that’ll be just as special!
  • Your marriage license
  • When you’ve arrived at your elopement location, get some fresh, beautiful flowers to tie it all together!

And oh my gosh, that’s it! You’re ready to elope abroad and you have everything checked to make your day even more perfect. This is just the basics of elopement and there are so many new and creative ways of eloping that couples are opting for every day. We’d love to hear your elopement stories and any unusual tips and tricks you have!

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Elopement Checklist Wedding Planner