Elope Wedding Dress: How to Find Your Perfect Match!

elopement wedding dress

When it comes to elopement wedding dresses, the possibilities are endless. Don’t just think of your wedding dress in the traditional sense, after all, you’re eloping and that’s far from traditional! Once you’ve realized this, you’ll soon realize the potential of your elopement dress.

Elope Wedding Dress

Most people tend to turn down the tone when it comes to their elopement, but it’s honestly up to you! There are plenty of different reasons why people are opting for elopements and as simple as this may sound, the reason you’re eloping has an effect on the choice of your attire. Maybe you don’t like the idea of spending so much money on a single moment of happiness, maybe you’d spend that money on something for just the two of you? Your dress then won’t cost an arm and leg and you’ll probably go for something a little more simple. Oooor maybe you absolutely love the idea of putting everything into your elopement so it’s just as extravagant as an actual wedding, minus the array of wedding guests.

Just like how your reasoning effects your choice of dress, so does your location. Location can mean everything when it comes to picking the perfect dress. This means it of the utmost importance on deciding on the location of your elopement before you purchase your perfect elopement wedding dress! You don’t wanna spend thousands on a gorgeous ball gown and then book your elopement ceremony in the middle of humid forests, right?

Anyway, the point being, depending on what you want from your elopement, your elopement dress can mean anything you want it to mean!

To give you guys a little bit of extra inspiration, we have assembled a list of all the beautiful (and not so typical) elopement dresses you’ll be able to find anywhere in the world!

Wedding dresses to elope in

elope wedding dresses

Boho inspiration

Bohemian elopement dresses are probably one of the most popular dress options. It strays far from your traditional wedding dress and the overall look can turn out effortless and beautiful!

Incorporating a bit of boho style can be as simple as buying a dress with a little boho touch, like lace accents, frills, and flowiness! It a beautiful way, boho dresses have an olden day style, too.

Hairstyle advice: buns and long, loose hair rock the boho look!

Keeping it simple

You don’t have to go all out with your elopement dress. Simplicity is key and you know what they say, less is more!

When keeping your dress simple, add fine beautiful touches, like a chunky necklace, beautiful or a show stopping bouquet of flowers.

elope wedding dresses

Lace elopement wedding dress

A beautiful option for an outdoor elopement! Lace keeps things cool while remaining classic and elegant.

Wearing a plain white undergarment under your lace keeps things easy and versatile. This way, you can show off as much lace as you desire.

elope wedding dress
casual elopement wedding dress

A beautiful and casual elopement dress

Maybe you’re heading to the beach for your elopement or just having a short and intimate elopement ceremony, so you’re not in need of a real elopement wedding dress.

Simple buy any casual white dress and use it for your ceremony. Finish the look off with a beautiful bouquet and you’ll be good to go!

Sticking with the traditional wedding dress

If you love the idea of having a beautiful ball gown wedding dress, you don’t have to miss out on the opportunity just because you’re eloping!

Go all out if you want to! Elopements are great, because they can have all the same perks as an actual wedding, with half the amount of stress and money.

elopement wedding dress

Sheer elopement dress

Equal parts classic and low key, sheer can do wonders for your elopement dress. It’s a comfortable wear and you won’t feel weighed down in your dress, a total plus!

Sheers got a feminine touch to it, so you won’t even need to put much effort into adding accessories or trying to do up your look.

It wins all the points for being an easy and effortless wear!

Short and sweet

Short elopement dresses are so so so cute! They’re easy to wear at almost any location, so it really won’t matter where you’ve chosen to elope.

Top tip: Because you’ll be showing off your shoes, it’s probably a good idea to invest in a good pair of shoes to show off!

elope wedding dress

Are you getting excited about planning your elopement yet? We have plenty more of exciting things for you to check out. Our Pinterest pages are filled with more elopement inspiration, from dress ideas, to bouquet inspiration!

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