Nashville, TN Elopement: Our Tops Tips & Tricks!

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Elope in Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the top places to get married in the US and its huge popularity doesn’t go unnoticed. If you’re eloping in Nashville, prepare yourself for a vibrant experience of culture, music, art and real southern restaurants (packed with cheat-week worth foods).

Legendary country music can be heard across the town and the eccentric culture never runs dry (hence the nickname, Music City). From spunky cowgirl music to electric guitars the town is always buzzing with its creative spirit and musical flare.

Don’t expect to pay an arm and leg for your elopement, even though it’s one of the hottest elopement venues, it’s one of the lowest costing wedding cities. Like all elopements, your main costs are going to be your flights and your accommodations.

Planning your dream elopement in Nashville TN

Ready to start planning your Nashville elopement yet? With so many beautiful venues and talented vendors, you won’t come short for planning the perfect elopement.

Nashville Weather

The best times to visit Nashville is from April all the way through to October because it brings all the sunny, summery weather. The more the sun shines, the more the city comes alive! There are plenty of cool things to do in the sunshine, like rooftop bars, hiking, and swimming, meaning you can turn your elopement venue into your holiday and honeymoon venue, too!

High average temperatures start in the low 70s and they’ll increase all the way up to the 90s in July and settle back in the low 70s by October. It’s known that the weather can be a bit unpredictable, so bare that in mind! The warm, humid weather also brings with it the occasional thunderstorms, but they won’t last much longer than an hour a day.

Places to elope in Nashville, TN

Because you’ve chosen to elope, chances are you’re not going to be paying a lot to rent out an entire venue. It could be an outdoor wedding amongst the forestry, or in all Texan feels you could be eloping in a barn. Or maybe you are looking for something just as extravagant as a wedding venue. The point being, your options for elopement venues in Nashville are endless. If you have a particular idea for your ceremony, spend some time on Pinterest to gather some inspiration and then nail it down to one final venue.

These are some of our favorite Nashville elopement spots and we hope they get you as excited as us!

A Barn

There are endless possibilities for decorating a typical Nashville barn. Rustic weddings are one of the most common styles of weddings, and in Nashville, you’ll totally be sticking with the rustic feel by saying your vows in an old-school barn. Barns have stunning scenery and they provide an intimate and romantic setting for saying your “I do’s”. Fairy lights are an absolute must in our opinion, the lights just make everything seem so much more lovely!

If your not from Nashville and don’t know any barn venue, take a look at this article from Wedding Wired. It’s got quite an extensive list of the most beautiful barns that are available for hire.

Downtown Nashville

Looking for the vibe of the city? Restaurants, modern event spaces, and historic buildings make up downtown Nashville and you can find plenty of hidden gems in the city. If you’re looking to turn your elopement day into one big adventure, start by exploring downtown. Say your vows in one place and then make your way around the city to take some awesome elopement photographs. Your dinner and toast arrangement will be taken care of if you simply hop along the strip of bars and restaurants.

Nashville elopement packages

To keep things simple, we’ve given you the option of 3 basic elopement packages. Each package has something unique, so if you’re looking for something a little extra, just head over to their website and you’ll find that each company has a variety of different elopement packages to suit your every need.

Elope and Go

An elopement package offered from Elope in Nashville that can be arranged a month or even a day before your elopement; it’s all about convenience, practicality, and affordability! Their basic package only offers the officiant and ceremony venue, so you can either choose to do the ads on through numerous vendors or simply add on the services through Elope in Nashville.

Their basic elopement package is only going to cost you $200 so don’t be shy to add on some of their lovely services. They’ve been in the business for a while so they’ll have the go-to-guy for any of your extra requirements. These are just a few of their service add-ons:

  • Photography
  • Floral designs
  • Cake and Toast
  • Venue variety

If you have any questions about the legal requirements of your elopement in Nashville, don’t be shy to hit them up, they’re all about helping brides and grooms from around the world.

Elope in Nashville at Riverwood Mansion

You’ll be eloping with the Riverwood Mansion as your stunning backdrop, so if you’re looking to elope somewhere that truly captures the essence of Nashville, look no further! Riverwood Mansion is a historic event venue in Nashville, Tennessee and sits on seven and a half acres of gorgeously manicured grounds.

What’s included in your elopement package:

The ceremony will be a total of 1 hour and the bride and groom have the option of inviting up to 10 guests.

  • A private ceremony in the opulent gardens in front of our wedding arch or in our Victorian, chandeliered, grand parlor with romantic candles
  • On-Site chaplain to perform the ceremony and sign the license
  • A personal selection of wedding vows
  • Toast for the bride and groom and wedding cake for two
  • Amazing Riverwood Mansion backdrops for your pictures
  • Fresh floral Wedding Bouquet and Boutonniere

The price for this beautiful package? $900 will get you the basics, which is more than enough for a perfect elopement!

Blissful Elopement Package

Legacy Farms showcases the elegance and timeless charm of the 1800s with its architecture and style. Think fireplaces and outdoor balconies! Their elopement packages are simple, and what’s cool about it is that you have the option of including 16 guests for your 3-hour ceremony.

The package:

  • Ceremony location of your choice onsite
  • Wedding Officiant
  • Personal flowers for the honored couple
  • Processional Music
  • 6” Wedding Cake and Sparkling Cider Toast

All for just $2,100! And they’re elopement packages are known to be exactly like a mini wedding!

Don’t forget to save this to your Pinterest inspiration board!

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