Destination Elopement: Our Top Tips & Tricks

Destination elopements are a gorgeous celebration and we don’t want the dutingin idea of having to plan an elopement freak you out! It’s as simple as can be, nowadays we elopement planners, elopement packages and elopement websites like this one.

When you picture elopements you may be picturing a spur of the moment kind of thing that doesn’t require any planning and spoiler alert, they do actually require some planning. Yes, elopements require far less planning and organizing than an actual wedding, but you’re still gonna need some sort of plan to pull off an effortless elopement.

These tips will help you and your future hubby pull of the greatest destination elopement; free from the irrelevant stress and hassle (and it can all be done from the comfort of your couch!).

Start with an elopement budget

Set out a budget so you can keep things on track. When you start to budget for things, you allow yourself to have records of all your spending and set out a limit for what you want to spend in each department. Destination elopements may seem like they’ll be saving you money, but airfares, hotels, and vendors may cost you a bit.

Start with the biggies like airfares and accommodation and once that’s out the way figure out what the most important part of your elopement is going to be. Would you rather spend more on a dress or a good photographer?

You’re also gonna want to work out a budget for your spending for when you’re on your honeymoon, so keep that in mind! Do some research on what the city has to offer and then you can budget for what you want to do.

Find your perfect elopement location

Location means everything! It’s going to be the place you’ll be saying your vows and the start of your new life as a couple! Imagine how beautiful the pictures are going to look? Do you see yourself along the coast of California, the ancient vineyards in Italy, high up in the mountains of the Swiss Alps, or in the tropical jungles of Bali? The options really are endless, so go crazy and dream away while you pick the perfect elopement ceremony location.

Sometimes it may not be as simple as picking a spot and hopping on a plane to go and elope. Maybe you have a few ideas of where you’d like to go and you just can’t seem to find the right fit. Which leads us to our next tip…

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Taking the time

Don’t rush into something that doesn’t feel totally right or random. Take the time to assess all of your options so you end up with the best possible option. Call around, ask around, google around and see what things are like in your elopement country.

Use the local vendors for your destination elopement

This is the best advice we can give you! It’s always so great to support the country in which you’re touring! It also makes for an affordable elopement. Using all the local vendors means you won’t be needing to bring over anything or anyone for your elopement.

Local vendors add a local touch and some fresh new ideas you might not even have considered for your elopement. They can add some unique touches which you might not have back home and it’ll be something that makes your elopement special.

Embrace the local culture

It’s the most exciting part about eloping in a new country! You get to try out all of the local cuisines and embrace the traditional attire. Do some exploring beforehand and see what beautiful items you can find your elopement, whether it be accessories or decor.

Incorporate some of the local cultures in your ceremony decor is a beautiful way to remember the country you’ve eloped it. You could even hire a local band to play some of the local styled music for your elopement. A few years from now you can listen to music and be taken back to the beautiful day of your elopement.

Create a romantic ambiance

Go wild for your elopement ceremony! You have the freedom of creating a bubble of love for your husband and you

The ambiance is well created when there’s light involved and we suggest taking some sunset pictures after your elopement, or even eloping during the sunset. It gives you this beautiful romantic vibe and you’ll have the opportunity to witness a magnificent sunset.

If the sun isn’t an option for adding some light, it gets even better when you think about adding some candles to your ceremony! Candles and fairy lights are the best things about elopements! They can transform any venue into a wonderland!

Music is surely something you should consider for your ceremony. What about a string quartet, a reggae band, an acoustic guitar or even a great Spotify playlist?

Dress accordingly

Find out what the weathers going to be like because dressing accordingly is going to be a key factor when it comes to picking your elopement wedding dress. Seasons might not be as similar as your home town and you don’t to be thinking you’re going to the sun of summer when rain showers are the standard for that countries summer.

You also need to be dressing comfortably for the occasion, which means you need an understanding of the countries weather patterns. Think like an airy for your beach elopement, it can even be a dress you don’t mind getting a little wet in the ocean water.


Find out the legal do’s and don’t’s

Each country has their own set of legal requirements when it comes to marriage. You’re going to need to check them out to make sure everything runs smoothly.

It’s pretty simple to find out countries legal requirements, you’ll only need to use google! Simple as that. A page will be displayed of all the legal things and you can slowly start crossing them off your checklist.

Some places even have restrictions about where you can get married. Certain beaches or nature reserves may be off limit for when it comes to saying your vows and you could possibly need a permit for these kinds of things. Find this all our once you think you’ve nailed your elopement location.

Ask for help

Don’t be shy if you’re feeling overwhelmed with planning an elopement in a far away country! You may not know it, but there are plenty of people who can help you out. Speaking the hotel concierge to find out if there are any wedding or elopement planners on hand, ask your officiant for some guidance and speak to your photographer about where the best spots are for your elopement. Vendors can answer most of your questions, too.

Book your photographer in advance

And do your research when it comes to photographers. Take a look at their Instagram feeds, as well as the reviews people have given them. Photographs are an essential part of an elopement and you really don’t want to mess around with photographers. Don’t just find the cheapest and most convenient photographer, because you never know how reliable or efficient they actually are.

We’ve heard some horror stories about wedding and elopement photographers so make sure the photographer knows what they’ve signed up for. If you’re conversing over email, ask to see an online gallery of previous elopements and even get in touch with previous couples to get a good feel about the photographer.

Remember, you’re going to be taking pretty intimate pictures and you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible with your photographer. Take a look at these awesome photographers from around the world!

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