10 of the Best Places to Elope

best places to elope

Finding the right place to elope can be one of the most fun parts about planning your elopement! You can let your imagination go wild with the endless options of stunning elopement destinations!

The past few years have given way to the trend of eloping, and why wouldn’t you want to elope? You and your partner get to escape reality and head off to a beautiful destination to say your “I do’s”!

Eloping isn’t what it used to be, it’s actually the complete opposite! People are choosing to elope as a way of celebrating their love amongst the two of them, making it much more intimate and personal thing.

Destination elopements appeal to those who are on a budget, and even those who aren’t. If you’re on a budget, think about it this way: you’re saving a ton of money by keeping things small and simple, turn your honeymoon spot into your dream elopement destination and you’ll be saving even more! And if you’re not on a budget, turn your elopement into a small scaled wedding! Have an extravagant elopement ceremony at a place you’ve always dreamed of!

We’ve sorted through our favorite elopement venues to bring you some elopement planning inspiration! From tropical beaches to colossal mountaintops, you’ll be blown away by these awe-inspiring elopement venues!

1. Bali Elopement

Bali Elopement
Photography: Iskra Photography

Because who doesn’t dream of a Balinese elopement? Bali is the perfect little getaway and has so much to offer! Its tropical climate creates a beautiful, lush green forest landscape with the most incredible display of exotic flowers! Not only is it exceptional beautiful, but it’s also super affordable!

2. Fiji Elopement

Fiji Elopement
Photography: Kama Catch Me

Mountainous hills with stunning shades of green, turquoise waters and sandy beaches are what come to mind when we think of Fiji. If you’re looking for something tropical and exotic, we definitely give Fiji the thumbs up! It’s something a little different and unique, and most people don’t ever get the chance to experience it, and your elopement honeymoon is the perfect time to do some exploring!

3. Santorini, Greece Elopement

greece elopement
Photography: Nisha Ravj

When it comes to planning a Greek elopement, you can’t go wrong! It’s a quaint picturesque town that offers culture, good food and exquisite views of the Mediterranean Ocean! You’ll have plenty of time to sunbathe, eat traditional Greek meals, swim in the warm waters and explore historic cities!

Fun Fact: Greece wasn’t always the white town city, in fact, it was one of the most colorful cities. The houses were painted printed blues, reds and yellows and it wasn’t until the 20th Century that the government mandated that all houses are the be repainted white.

4. New Orleans Elopement

new orleans elopement
Photography: Maile Lani

If olden-day blues, string quartets and vibrant night life’s are your things, we’ve found the perfect elopement venue for you! The city is always buzzing the creative energy which will leave you feeling like you’ve arrived in another world.

5. Colorado Elopement

Colorado elopement
Photography: Becky Young

The options are endless when it comes to Colorado elopements. There are so many beautiful venues here, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your needs.

The rocky mountain highs of Aspen, the sunshine in Breckenridge, the City of Colorado Springs or the spectacular mountain ranges of Crested Butte are just some of the few beautiful elopement destinations in Colorado!

6. Las Vegas Elopement

Las vegas elopement
Photography: Let Me Show You Love

If there were ever to be a traditional elopement venue, Las Vegas can be considered the most traditional elopement venue. It’s the birth place of elopement venues and it stills rocks as an elopement venue! A Las Vegas elopement no longer means saying your vows in a rented out chapel, but rather eloping in style! There are plenty of artistic streets in Vegas, with ever-changing art displays, which will turn your elopement into a one of a kind elopement. And if arts not your thing, there’s also beautiful scenery to be seen, like desert mountains and luxury resorts!

7. Yosemite National Park Elopement

Yosemite elopement
Photography: The Foxes

There’s nothing quite like a Yosemite elopement. It captures out of this world scenery and can truly make you feel as though you’re the only two people in the world! With open spaces, hidden caves, cliff view points, lakes and waterfalls, Yosemite is a nature lovers dream!

8. Hawaii Elopement

Hawaii Honeymoon Shoot

Okay, we’re sure we don’t even need to tell you why Hawaii is an awesome elopement destination? With tropical beaches, sunshine and magnificent scenery, Hawaii will take your breath away!

9. Key West Elopement

Key west elopement destination
Photography: Iris Moore Photography

Key West takes you back to the days of summer holiday! Sunshine, crystal clear waters and island styled living are what sums up Key West. It’s the perfect holiday destination and it generally has good weather all year round, making it a favorite amongst elopers.

10. Rattelsnake Ridge Elopement

rattlesnake ridge elopement
Photography: Sara Byrne

Embrace your love for the outdoors and elope at Rattlesnake Ridge! Elope between lush blooms and epic mountain scenery in the woods of Rattlesnake Ridge. The ridge offers secluded nooks and hidden gems, providing you with ultimate privacy for saying your vows. We guarantee you’ll be feeling all kinds of happiness while you’re surrounded by nature!

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