The Best Elopement Photographers from Around the World

elopement photographers from around the world

An elopement photographer’s job isn’t just to capture the perfect shot, it’s so much more than that! It’s about creating an environment where their clients can feel comfortable and know that they truly express their authentic, real self.

The photography is still a big part of the elopement, but there are so many little things that go into making your elopement shoot special. Building a good connection with a photographer who is passionate about their job is essential, and so is finding a photography style that you’ll love forever!

With elopements growing in popularity, more and more people are choosing to photograph elopements. So you’ll find a wide variety of elopement photographers, but finding one that stands out and has their own unique approach to photography is what you’ve got to look out for.

The amazing thing about Elopements is that they can happen anywhere in the world! So we’ve narrowed down the best elopement photographers from all across the world. What’s cool about these photographers, is that they’re all into traveling the world, and don’t mind traveling to your desired elopement location!

The McLaclan’s Photography

Elopement photography is something that lines up perfectly with Sean and Kaylyns everyday day life. They’ve been together since they were 16 years old, which is crazy adorable! They’ve learned how to do everything together, from learning to adult to raising a family.

They want their clients to have a photographer that really gets them, and there’ll be no room for stiff or awkward photographers.

You’ll find them along the sunny coast of British Columbia, living in a tiny beach house, right along the coast! Because they have little kiddies, they won’t be doing much traveling and prefer to do elopement shoots in their hometown.

Their Website:
Their Instagram: the.mclachlans
Location: British Columbia

The McLachlans elopement photography

Hearnes Photography

Abbi and Callen (and their fur baby, Charlie) are photographers traveling around the world. They’re elopement adventure photographers living on the road full-time in their custom built mobile home. They specialize in adventure elopement photography, and capture the most insane pictures!

One of their favorite parts about doing an elopement shoot is being able to create a bond with the couples they’re photographing, and turning the whole thing into one big adventure! They honestly just want to get to know you and explore the surroundings with you so that you’ll have one of a kind photographs.

Because they’re not location dependent, they’re more than happy to meet you anywhere in the world!

Their Website:
Their Instagram: thehearnes
Location: The Road

hearnes photography elopement

Elopement Photography

Through their work, Jana and Simon always discover the beauty of their surroundings and then capture those beautiful moments on camera. They’re a couple that has been together for 11 years, brought together by their love of photography!

Currently, they’re living in Slovenia, but they do a lot of exploring and traveling around for their work (which is more like a full-time holiday). The style that they adopt is very rustic and natural, totally inspired by the surrounding areas.

Their Website: Elopement Photography
Their Instagram: janasnuderl
Location: Slovenia

Chris and Ruth Photography

Chris and Ruth are living their dream life by traveling the world and photographing elopements across different cultures and continents. Meeting people from across the world and getting to hear their stories are something this couple lives for.

Their work has been featured on many amazing wedding and elopement sites, like Junebug Weddings, Looks like Film and Flyaway Bride. Even though they’ve been traveling for so many years, they still have quite the bucket list of things they’re dreaming of doing, like traveling around Israel or exploring New Zealand. So if you’re up for a destination elopement, they’re always a good choice!

They shoot unconventional, nontraditional weddings and they love it when couples don’t care about meeting someone else’s expectations!

Their Website:
Their Instagram: chrisandruth
Location: The World

Lindsey Roman Photography

Lindsey Roman is a free spirit living in the Big Island of Hawaii. Her idea of photography is being able to capture someone in their natural light and allow photographs to show things in their true form. Capturing the raw, authentic and wonderful moments means you can tell the story over and over again and it’ll never lose its magic.

Lindsey is always traveling around, so she actually keeps an updated list of her whereabouts on her website. But when she’s not on the go, you’ll find her on the Island, which is a popular choice for destination elopements.

Her Website:
Her Instagram: lindseyroman
Location: Hawaii

elopement photography lindsey roman

Dawn Charles Photography

“Forget the traditional poses and anything cliché. My goal is to capture the raw, the messy, the genuine emotion, tears and belly laughs, and everything in between.”

If you’re not about the crazy adventure elopement shoots, and you prefer things more simple and natural, we highly recommend Dawn Charles! Her photographs are classic, yet unique and beautiful and she has already won a ton of awards for her photographs (like the 2018 Best Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers and 2018 Best Lightroom Presets). She’s also been featured on Junebug Weddings, Style me Pretty and Buzzfeed.

Her Website:
Her Instagram: dawncharles
Location: Oregan

Sara Carlson Photography

Her goal is to create honest and organic images, and she utilizes her creativity to capture these raw emotions. Being able to create these moments, means she can capture a window of time forever.

She’s so passionate about her photography that she actually hosts a number of different workshops where she trains and teaches other aspiring photographers all she knows! In such a competitive field, it’s nice to know that there are photographers out there who are happy to share their knowledge!

She’s based in Southern Idaho, but because of her popularity, she always seems to be traveling around with her hubby. If you want to find her, go on to her website and you’ll see that she updates her location and travel dates regularly.

Her Website:
Her Instagram: saracarlsonphotography
Location: Idaho

Tricia Victoria Photography

For years Tricia had been photographing traditional weddings, and it just doesn’t cut it for her anymore. She’s found her real passion to be in elopement shoots, because of how intimate and romantic the “I do’s” end up being!

Emotional, vibrant and earthy is exactly how you’d describe the style of her photography. She encourages movement and tries not to stick to a structure so that she has the opportunity to capture real candid moments, like being able to see the real passion between the couple. The editing of most of the images emulate a plethora of different film packs, it makes them look really raw and authentic.

Her Website:
Her Instagram: triciavictoriaphoto
Location: AB, Canada

elopement photography

Emily Rummel Photography

Having the opportunity to travel around Europe, Emily soon fell in love with photography! Now, she’s available to travel to wherever her clients may need her. Finding a photographer who loves to travel is always a good thing, it means they’ll be just as excited about your elopement destination exploration as you are.

Emily has a real passion for capturing the small, intimate moments, which make for the most beautiful pictures.

Her Website:
Her Instagram: emilyrummelphoto
Location: Tempa, Florida

Kelsie Emm Photography

Capturing light, emotion, and movement is what Kelsie does best. She also loves interior design, which is always a plus! If you know your photographer is good at those kinds of things, you know you’ll get photo’s which truly capture the entire elopement.

Not only is photography part of the package, but videography is also an option. Some couples choose to capture their elopement on video, so they’ll have the opportunity to look back in the years to come, as well as share these memories with those who weren’t there.

Her Website:
Her Instagram: kelsieemmphoto
Location: Utah

elopement photography

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elopement photographers from around the world