7 Reasons Why You Should Elope in the Bahamas

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I mean, who doesn’t want to elope in the Bahamas?

It kind of seems like a crazy idea right? Flying to the Bahamas to have your dream elopement. And to a lot of us, it’s just that, a dream! But news flash, you really do deserve to have the elopement of your dreams! Don’t let the idea of Bahamas freak you into believing it can only be a fantasy.

Our mission is to help you follow your dreams and do the extraordinary thing of traveling to the Bahamas to elope. These are some of the magical reasons you should choose the Bahamas for your dream destination elopement!

Reason number 1: You get to stay in luxury!

Live like a princess in the beautiful resorts and hotels of the Bahamas. You’ll be treated to room services, spa treatments, underwater experiences, and freshwater pools. Rooms with ocean views, outdoor terraces, and spacious living are some of your choices for relaxing in.

A lot of hotels and resorts cater for weddings and elopements so there’s always make-up artists and hairdressers on sight, leaving you with one less thing to worry about! Some hotels even have wedding planners on site and they’ll be able to take care of all of your elopement planning.

Don’t think that because you’re living in luxury you’ll be paying a ridiculous amount of money, you’ll find plenty of affordable accommodation that can fit your budget. You can also take a look on Airbnb if you’re looking for something a little bit more private and homely.

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Reason 2: You’ll have insane views of the ocean!

There aren’t many places you can travel to to find private beaches in tropical areas. Most of the tropical beaches around the world are flooded with tourists and can become quite overwhelming. Because the Bahamas is quite an occasional holiday destination, you won’t have an overload of tourists.

Quite beaches make for the perfect ceremony venue as well as a beautiful photo studio! Your elopement ceremony can be held right on the beach or even on top of some of the few lookout points, which offer breathtaking views of the ocean.

Reason number 3: You’ll find crazy good photographers for your elopement in the Bahamas

Photographers are the key component of your elopement. They’re the people who are going to make your elopement last forever and all the beautiful pictures they’ll capture to show your friends and family.

It won’t even be hard to find a good photographer either, go on Instagram, Pinterest and the web and you’ll see how endless the options are! Here’s a few just to get you started with your search for the perfect elopement photographer.

Reason number 4: You have an array of activities to choose from

Whether you’re looking to have a chilled out honeymoon that consists of drinking cocktails poolside while catching an incredible tan, or simply reading a library of books on the beach, the choice is yours!

If relaxing isn’t the only thing you’re planning on doing, get ready for some Island styled adventures. Swimming with the turtles, scuba diving or snorkeling, deep sea fishing and hiking trails along the coast as some of the activities you can be doing.

There’s also a number of high-end restaurants and you’re definitely going to want to try some of their staple Carribean foods, like rock lobster and Bohemian fish stew. Along with restaurants, you’ll find some unique shops where you can purchase traditional Carribean attire and jewelry.

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Reason 5: Bahamas weather is always good!

The weather isn’t something you need to be too concerned about. It’s pretty predictable. They’re blessed with warm weather all year round and the winds don’t pick up too much either. With warm weather comes light rainfall, just as a way of keeping the vegetation green and cool. The rains don’t last long, which means you won’t need to call off your elopement on the beach because of rain. There is a hurricane season though, so be cautious of that. Luckily there’s a season for it though, which runs from end of June to beginning of November. You just need to avoid these months and you’ll be good to go!

Reason 6: Tropical botanical gardens in the Bahamas

The beach isn’t the only option for your elopement ceremony. Nassau Botanical Gardens and the Gardens of the Grove on Grand Bahama Island display an array of exotic plants and flowers. Bougainvillea, oleander, and hibiscus grow in abundance leaving the air with a beautiful aroma.

The Bahamas once again shows off how magical it can be for all you nature lovers! Your ceremony can be beautifully decorated with these indigenous flowers, and you can even include the flowers in your hair or around your neck. Construct your own bouquet from these beautiful flowers!

Island flowers are indigenous to their area and they always have the best smell to them! Bright reds and electric oranges are sure to leave you in awe.

Reason number 7: Historical elopement venues in the Bahamas

Couples can have their ceremony at the olden day ruins of a chapel. The chapel is now a heritage site and the ruins of the chape were created by Father Jerome in the 1800s on Mount Alvernia. The idea of eloping in chapel ruins is breathtaking, because of how symbolic it is of love and the olden day traditional idea of what marriage stands for.

(Reason number 8: Pink sand beaches)

Just in case we haven’t done enough convincing, we found another reason to elope in the Bahamas! Pink Sand Beaches!

There’s a secret little Island hidden in the Carribean that has the most glorious pink shore that lines the crystal blue waters. Nothing is as romantic has pink beaches! The beach seems to stretch on forever

The sand gets its beautiful pink color from fragments of washed up coral. The coral is made up of microscopic coral insects, known as foraminifera. The foraminifera manage to keep the sand cool too, so you won’t be walking your bare feet on the sun-scorched sand, another plus!

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