10 Tips for Planning a Perfect Elopement in Hawaii

elopement hawaii beach

1. Prepare for the Hawaiian weather

Hawaii is just one of those places with extreme climate diversity, from snowy mountain peaks to volcanic Rockland’s… it has it all! Although that’s probably not where you’re going to be tying the knot, it’s important to remember that the average temperature is around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. There are also occasional summer rains, and sometimes even daylong downpours in the month of November. But the good thing is, it’s just you and your partner and you don’t need to worry about moving over 100 guests, because of the weather!

2. Be ready for some busy beaches

All the beaches in Hawaii are public, and if you’re not a local it may be hard to find some secluded areas. If crowds of people aren’t your thing, here’s a link to 10 hidden gems in Hawaii.

3. Know the Hawaiian Islands

The Big Island of Hawaii: The Island with a variety of landscapes.

Hawaii Main Island Beach

Mauai: This Island is known for the most amazing beaches in Hawaii!

Kauai: Perfect for the Nature Lovers.

Hawaii Maui Beach Trees

Lanai: A quiet, romantic Island with a laid-back attitude.

Oahu: A popular tourist destinations, with fun entertainment, a vibey nightlight, and great culture.

Hawaii Oahu Island Beach People

4. Consider a Hawaiian Sunset

When you’re on the beach one of the best things you can do is to watch the sunset. It’s a perfect reason to get even more intimate while watching the sky turn shades of red or pink. You’re on an Island known for sunsets; why not plan your vows around this? Take note of which direction the sun sets in and if you’ll be actually able to see it from your chosen location.

5. Know the dates you might want to avoid

Hawaii’s known to be popular holiday destination, and a lot of the times it can get quite busy. Consider avoiding popular tourist events and holidays, this way you can avoid higher fees, booked out hotels, restaurant queues and busy beaches.

  • Japan’s Golden Week holiday
  • Big wave surfing events
  • Ironman World Championship
  • Merrie Monarch Festival
  • King Kamehameha Day
  • The Aloha Festivals

6. Don’t forget about Hawaiian Culture

One thing we all know about Hawaii is that you can find the most beautiful flowers there. It’s tradition in Hawaiian weddings to wear a Lei, which is a flower necklace that goes around the bride and groom, and a Haku Lei, a flower crown that sits at the top of the bride’s head. The incorporation of some colourful flowers reminds you two of why you picked Hawaii in the first place! This goes hand-in-hand with some live Hawaiian Instrumentals, too!

Hawaii Flowers

7. Wear a flowy elopement dress

Hawaii is a very humid place and even though you don’t have the sweaty stress of an actual wedding, it’s always a good idea to wear some lightweight clothing. This way you can even have some fun in the water, which will make for some amazing trash the dress photos! (if you choose to do one!)

8. Get your license

Because there are so many marriages in Hawaii, it’s no surprise that getting your marriage license is a quick and easy process. You can just head down to the health department with your proof of age and 70 bucks and you’ll be good to go. Within 30 days you’ll have your documents ready!

9. Splurge on Hawaiian attractions

There are plenty of things to do across the Islands of Hawaii and now that you don’t have the cost of a wedding, you and your partner can have your first newlywed adventure. Take a moment to think of a few things you know you’d love to do together and make your very own bucket list. Consider sailing away in a fancy yacht, learning to scuba dive, beach massages and taking a wild sea life tour. With the variety of activities, you don’t even need to leave the Island for your honeymoon.

Hawaii Scuba Dive Fish

Hawaii Yacht Ocean

10. Get a licensed Hawaiian Officiant

There are so many Officiant’s in Hawaii you won’t have any trouble finding one just by looking on the web. The law in Hawaii doesn’t require any witness’s to the actual marriage, so an Officiant is all you’ll need. Because of how many Officiants there actually are, you have the option of personalising the ceremony; whether you’d like to incorporate cultural traditions, spiritual elements or more of a contemporary style.


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