7 Breath-taking Elopement Ideas to Inspire Your Elopement Abroad

7 Breath-taking elopement ideas

Elopement bouquets

What we’ve realised about bouquets is that you have so many options that any flowers you pick will look unique and individual. A really cool idea is to coordinate your bouquet with the season of weather or even the country that you’re in. Seasonal flowers compliment your surroundings and can give you such an authentic experience of where you are. It’s also said that 2018 will be bringing back some old-school flowers, and keeping things old school means keeping things eco-friendly and budget-friendly.

Wedding Bouquet

A traveling string quartet

This is one of our favourite touches to an elopement! Weddings typically rely on live bands and sets of speakers to ensure everyone at the venue is able to feel the music. But obviously an elopement is much smaller so you won’t need all that jazz. A traveling string quartet is able to play and play at the same time, carrying the music in the most beautiful manner and it also allows the music to travel in any destination!

 A trash the dress elopement photo-shoot

Whether you’re on a tropical island, in the deeps of a forest or high up on the mountains, there’s the possibility that your dress might get a little dirty. Instead of worrying about, use your surroundings to take some insane photographs. You can literally take these pictures wherever you are in the world and it’s not going to cost you a cent to create a cool activity to make your pictures stand out from the norm. We think it’s beautiful if the two of you can start your marriage off with carefree fun and laughs. And if things ever get hard down the road, this is a cute reminder to enjoy the little things in life.

Working with the sun

 There are so many beautiful opportunities that nature gives us that can make your elopement even dreamier! The sun is one of your best assets! What a lot of people don’t ever consider is a sunrise elopement, which is so dreamy and unique! There’s always a totally different vibe when you’re waking up at sunrise, and even though it’ll seem hard if you’re not a morning person, it can be so worth it. It leaves you with the entire day to do what you please, plus you’ll get to even watch the sunset! If you’re not a morning person, sunset is just as good.

Sunset Elopement

Capture those memories with a videographer

Having a Videographer can make the moment even more memorable. In all the years to come you’ll want to relive this moment a hundred times, and this way you can share the memories with those closest to you! The power of videography is that it can capture the elopement in its entirety; including all the little things like music, eye glances, your vows and the magical scenery.

Romantic candles (everywhere and anywhere!)

Candles are one of those things that can turn any surrounding into a picturesque fairy tale. It’s idle if you’re keeping your elopement super simple and haven’t got a major budget for décor. Candles have the ability to make everything seem super romantic and intimate and they also create such beautiful lighting for your photographs. Getting candles in an array of different sizes creates an artistic feel to the atmosphere and you can even go as far as creating decorations surrounding the candles

Wedding Candles

Customise your altar

Having an altar piece can really tie the whole arrangement together and adds a beautiful artistic touch. We get that it’s very traditional take on weddings, but there are so many fun styles you can incorporate and they have the ability to transform an open space into your customised elopement.


These are just some really inspiring ways to make your elopement abroad beautiful! What other idea’s do you have for eloping abroad? Leave a comment below!

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7 Breath-taking eloping ideas


7 Breath-taking eloping ideas