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Key West Elopement – Planning Tips, Packages and Venues!

Planning your seaside Elopement in Key West

Known for its warm beaches and eclectic culture, Key West can offer you a truly magical seaside elopement. You’ll find a diverse collection of cultures here and many of the residents are of European descent from the Bahamas. There’s a Caribbean and Cuban feel to the area which has had a unique influenced the food […]

The Top 5 New Orleans Elopement Packages

new orleans elopement packages

Known for its vibrant culture, live music scenes and cuisines reflecting the history with French, American and African influences, New Orleans is one of our favorites! Lively bar and bourbon cafes are some of the highlights, but you’ll also have the chance to explore some of the town’s heritage and some well-preserved architecture. We’ve narrowed […]

The Best Elopement Photographers from Around the World

elopement photographers from around the world

An elopement photographer’s job isn’t just to capture the perfect shot, it’s so much more than that! It’s about creating an environment where their clients can feel comfortable and know that they truly express their authentic, real self. The photography is still a big part of the elopement, but there are so many little things […]

Traditional Wedding or Intimate Elopement – Which One is Right For You?

wedding intimate elopement

What is an Elopement? Technically, there isn’t one standard definition of what eloping is. It can mean a lot of different things to different people. Not too long ago, eloping was seen as a couple running away and getting married without telling anyone (and it usually wasn’t seen in a good light). But now, people […]

James and Julene’s Enchanting, Boho Elopement in Perth

Boho perth elopement

We must admit that when we saw this elopement shoot we knew we’d have a hard time fitting all these beautiful pictures into one post! The series just gets more and more beautiful as you look through the photos. This is an example of how elopements can be so special – all that this couple […]

Beautiful Elopement Packages across Europe

elopement packages across europe

The Best Elopement Packages in Europe When it comes to tying the knot, location is everything! Celebrating your elopement in a romantic and exotic location adds to the excitement of saying your “I do’s”! Don’t be fooled by the size of the European continent, because even though it’s the smallest of them all, it holds […]

Sunset Elopement Shoot in Imperial Valley Sand Dunes, Southern California

sunset elopement desert

So Brittany and Mike actually had a traditional wedding ceremony, and a couple weeks later they had their own beautiful, scenic bridal photos shot in the desert. The point being, that they wanted to celebrate each other in their own space, so the private elopement took place in the Imperial Valley Sand Dunes in Southern […]

The Unspoken Rules of Elopement Etiquette

The Unspoken Rules of elopement etiquette

One of the greatest parts about eloping is that you don’t face the obligation of including a load of people at your wedding, which often makes for a very costly celebration (and sometimes an array of unwanted guests). Of course, that shouldn’t be the reason for not wanting a wedding, because etiquette is very much […]

A Gorgeous Outdoor Elopement at Abraham Lake

Abraham lake elopement (2)

A little bit about Abraham Lake Abraham Lake is a beautiful lake that can be found in Alberta, Canada and it’s becoming a favorite for outdoor elopements. The lake is actually the world’s biggest man-made lake that displays beautiful turquoise waters, and when it’s winter it’s famous for its bubbly waters, which are crystal clear […]

The best Elopement Packages around the world

elopement packages around the world

What are destination elopement packages? There are so many couples that don’t like the idea of marriage at all, purely because of all the stress it can often create. But the stress of an actual wedding shouldn’t be the thing that stops you from becoming a married couple after all! And that’s why eloping works […]