10 of the Biggest Do’s and Don’ts of Eloping

Elopement Tips Couple

DO: Do it for the right reasons.

Eloping is a big decision, so make sure it’s what both of you really want.


DONT: Forget about the paperwork.

Getting married boils down to a government-issued contract – so don’t forget to legitimize it.


DO: Tell your family and friends.

Just because they won’t be apart of the big day doesn’t mean they can’t get excited about it. By sending elopement announcements or having a small get-together, it will make your loved ones feel included.


DONT: Worry about the guest list.

The only guests you need is the love of your life and a witness. Anyone else is just extra.


DO: Make it all about you and your partner.

This is your day, treat it as such. you are in control.


DONT: Stress about every detail.

There are so many things to enjoy about the occasion, enjoy every moment of it.


DO: Spend money.

Put that hard earned cash to good use on an incredible location or expensive wine, you’ll only get to do this once (we hope).


DONT: Expect everything to be cheap.

No matter how many guests you have/ don’t have, some costs will stay the same. Whether it be your dress, hair, makeup,  or the photography, be sure to save some extra cash for the little things.


DO: Choose a destination together.

The time and place should be special to both of you. Make sure you and your partner share equal roles in the planning process.


DONT: Let the event take over.

Even though elopements are meant to be intimate events, they can still be overwhelming. Don’t let the elopement get bigger than you intend.


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Tips for Eloping